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Refund Policy

5.5 Refund Policy

Pre-paid fees will not be refunded.
5.5.2 All progressive payments and deposits are due on invoice and upon reaching agreed milestones.
5.5.3 All amounts owed by the client for services rendered prior to the verified cancellation date must be paid in full.
5.5.4 All billing queries, cancellation request and disputes must be in writing.
5.5.5 Cancellation requests will only be processed if made by the initial authorising person.
5.5.6 Once a milestone of project is approved, No Refund requests will be entertained.
5.5.7 There will be no refunds for any cancellation requests made after the cooling-off period of 7 days from the date of order. For security and training purposes, all calls, inbound and outbound, may be digitally recorded and the recordings form a part of the verbal contract between us and the client.
5.5.8 Any cancellations made after the cooling-off period by the client, for any reason, will lead to a full payment of the agreed price and immediate termination of the contract, unless otherwise mutually agreed between us and the Client.
5.5.9 Contravening the terms and conditions and unpaid accounts will lead to termination of services without any refund. In addition, cost of debt recovery, administration fee and legal cost will be charged to the client.

5.6 Pricing Policy

All prices quoted specifically will have a validity of 14 days and quoted in Australian $.
5.6.2 All prices on the web site is subject to change without notice and is a general guide only.
5.6.3 All services are quoted and invoiced; hence payments for all work is due as specified in the tax invoice. Certain ongoing fees may be charged in advance and must be paid accordingly.
5.6.4 Each service package have designated features and associated cost of development. While some packages are invoiced certain services must be paid by direct debit. Client is responsible to ensure the payments are processed in a timely manner; 30 days’ notice is required to make any changes to direct debit or service requirements.

6 Customer Agreement

Customer agrees to indemnify and defend to hold us harmless from any demands of claim for any liability or loss that may arise from any services provided by us. You further agree to indemnify us against any claims by your customers, employees, contractors and agents for any injury or personal property damage arising from direct or indirect use of our services or products. This indemnity extends to any potential copyright claims, defective product or services sold by customer.
6.1.2 Renewal or revision of conditions is agreed upon on automatic renewal or manual renewal of contracts or service agreements.
6.1.3 Domain names shall be renewed and shall remain responsibility of the customer at all times.
6.1.4 Customer will not transfer or reassign the account without our expressed written approval
6.1.5 Customer can host their web site with a host of their choice; there are no obligation to host with us.
6.1.6 Customer appreciates the flexibility, competitive cost, versatility of Content Management System (CMS) and use of Plugins etc. Hence accepts the responsibility to ensure & undertake the domain registration, renewal, hosting, managing contents update on CMS and undertake backups as required by the clients and requirements of service providers.
6.1.7 Customer will only use our services and web site for lawful purposes. Transmission, linking or hosting any material that violates any local, state or federal laws is prohibited. While the following are some examples the prohibition is not just limited to these: copyright, threatening, abusive, profanity, pornographic, commercially confidential, privacy etc. Customer is solely responsible to check the validity and legal compliance of any material, photos, logos, videos and contents.
6.1.8 Customer will check and approve all design, artwork, details of information and validity. All information received from customer will be deemed received under explicit approval of the customer. Customer shall check and confirm validity of contents, design, logo, colour, slogans, positioning, defects, errors, omissions, spelling, grammar and any general oversight. Hence all changes, validity and modifications as a result will be your responsibility. 
6.1.9 Customer agrees that this services is subject to Fair Use Policy. 
6.1.10 Customer agrees to provide a detailed design brief and provide feedback and facilitate final sign off in a timely manner. Subject to fair use policy we will endeavor to support you with design changes. Any changes after sign off will incur additional fee based on changes required. Any finalization of design brief and sign off must be completed within 30 days. Failure to complete the task within 60 days may cause us to suspend the work and revival of suspended task will incur additional administration and management fee at prevailing rates.
6.1.11 Customer agrees to update and inform changes in contact details, address, email and contact numbers.
6.1.12 Customer takes the responsibility to check compatibility of software, systems, hardware and the necessary knowledge to continue to update and manage contents.

7 Our Commitment

We understand the importance of SME to their families and Australia; we are committed to support SME. 
7.1.2 We will provide two design concepts for design work based on your project brief. Once we receive your feedback and suggestions we will endeavour to amend any changes and proceed to final sign off.
7.1.3 On final sign off we will commence production. However; considerable amount of preliminary work, administrative task and initial work would have commenced in the background.
7.1.4 We will offer the choice of hosting to you; you are not compelled to host with us. All hosting is undertaken by external sources and you will be directed to liaise with external service providers for such services from time to time.
7.1.5 All web will be provided as a shell; we may fill in with standard text and offer the complete flexible solution to enable the customer to fill in necessary contents and allow you to manage the contents to an extent permitted by the design features and your requirements.
7.1.6 We may design or purchase specific logos or photos from external sources. These items may only be used for the single intended purpose and not for any other purpose as these may infringe on intellectual property and copyright.
7.1.7 As client resources and web requirements vary we will demonstrate various features and request the clients to continue to try and attempt to make changes as required to the contents. Thus enabling SME to be independent and take control where possible.
7.1.8 To respond to your enquiry in a professional and timely manner. Whilst we may attend to resolve any issues at our discretion we aim to give every opportunity to empower the client to manage the changes.
7.1.9 To respect your privacy and take necessary action to treat you with respect during our conversation, communication and clientele.  In return we would expect the same from you towards our team. 
7.1.10 Undertake our marketing, promotional and telephone contact to be courteous and expect the same from the clients towards our team.
7.1.11 All web sites are allocated a specific bandwidth and disk space. However; subject to your additional usage you may require additional capacity in your allocation. While we will endeavour to enhance the disk space and bandwidth required by purchasing additional capacity we cannot take responsibility for any interruptions as it is not under our control. Additional capacity provisions are charged at prevailing rates.